Alki Beach Academy

Unique children's portraits for Seattle based, Alki Beach Academy.

For the past few years, I've had the privilege of being hired by Alki Beach Academy in West Seattle to photograph all the kids at the school. It's been an absolute joy to freeze these precious moments in time. As a father of rapidly growing children myself, I understand the importance of capturing these fleeting moments. When I approach portraiture, my aim is to capture raw, genuine emotions. It's fascinating to witness the range of feelings in these young faces—surprise, delight, joy, curiosity, wonder. Often, the most authentic moments are those that happen spontaneously, without any outside influence. Through quick, organic sessions, we're able to glimpse into their true selves. Over the years, it's been incredibly rewarding to photograph the same students and witness their growth and development. Here's to many more years of capturing these beautiful moments!

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