Stewart Wurtz

Photo story showcasing Stewart Wurtz, artisan woodworker from the Pacific Northwest.

Meet Stewart Wurtz, Fremont-based furniture designer and woodworker. In prep for our shoot, I came across something he wrote, "When I begin a project, my time sketching is indispensable in working through ideas. Often I am inspired by a particular gesture or form in an early sketch that starts the dance of a new piece." While watching him work during our shoot, these magic moments seemed to happen when he picked up a wood chisel or a plane. Seeing the micro-thin wood shavings decisively removed slowly revealed a glimpse of what was to become the leg of a table. Meditative.

Stewart exhibits locally in the Pacific Northwest and nationally at a variety of galleries and museums such as Pritam & Easmes in East Hampton, NY and in Main, Pennsylvania, California and Washington. You can check out Stewart's work locally in Seattle at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery.

My Look Through The Lens series is a spotlight on Northwest makers, builders, artisans, fixers, designers, tinkerers. Through this series I will celebrate the people behind finished work and reveal the heart, soul, passion and grit that goes into every detail. Keep watching.

Photography: David Estep Agency: Rupert
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