Cutter & Buck

Defining a new photography direction for a national sports apparel outfitter.

Cutter and Buck, a sports apparel and outerwear brand established in 1990, approached us to define authentic photography directions for two of their collections: CBUK and Clique. We embarked on a brand refresh process, collaborating with a brand designer to capture the essence of each collection while honoring their unique styles.

For CBUK, our inspiration centered around saturated colors with hot highlights and clear shadows. We sought expressive talent with genuine energy, reflecting the comfort and style synonymous with CBUK. In contrast, our vision for Clique was focused on seamless white backgrounds with ample full light and a hint of environmental texture—bright yet honest. We curated raw, real talent in wardrobe to embody the elevated basics that define Clique.

Throughout the process, the clients actively participated alongside our team, diving into details while respecting creative potential. This collaborative effort resulted in an organized shoot on a high-energy set, where both amateur and professional talent felt at ease to be themselves. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity at its finest.

Photographer: David Estep HMU Stylist: Katya Gudaeva Photo Assist: Anthony Ponce De Leon C&B Wardrobe Stylist: Dai Brooks Photography Concept: Katie Lee Producer: Maureen Estep Client Partner: Andrew Pudduck, Joe Jessie Cutter and Buck
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