Cutter & Buck 2022

Sharing outerwear lifestyle photography from our recent shoot for Cutter and Buck.

Our recent brand shoot for Cutter and Buck was all about embracing

the Pacific Northwest lifestyle to the fullest. Despite the constant rain

over our two-day shoot, we had a blast! We trekked up a mossy trail to

"The Grove" where Chef whipped up an amazing meal over an open fire

—a true PNW experience. Huge shoutout to the awesome team at

Alderbrook Resort for hosting us and keeping our spirits high. From the

serene woods to the stunning Hood Canal, the Bremerton Ferry ride back

to Seattle and the Museum for Wooden Boats, every location was

picture-perfect. These spots truly embodied the Cutter and Buck PNW vibe!

Client: Cutter and Buck Photographer: David Estep Hair and Makeup: Katya Gudaeva Wardrobe Stylist: Gretchen Matisse Photo Assistant: Anthony Ponce De Leon Talent Agency: SMG/Heffner Models: Richard Lee, Zach Binx, Tina Kraft, Candace Moliver Location: Alderbrook Resort and Spa, Union WA
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