West Seattle Lifestyle

The good life in West Seattle for the new luxury apartments called, Maris

Our recent lifestyle photo shoot beautifully highlighted the

essence of living in West Seattle, focusing on the newly established

Maris Luxury Apartments (LiveatMaris.com). Our goal was to capture

the unique charm of this neighborhood, which embodies a simple,

small-town atmosphere amidst the bustling metropolis. In West Seattle,

life moves at its own pace—slower, more relaxed—a welcome contrast

to the fast-paced city life. It's the breathtaking scenery, the sense of peace,

and the unhurried rhythm that have shaped Seattle's identity since its

early days.

Client: Dulce Design Co. Photography: David Estep/EstepWorks photography Photo Assist: Tyler Smith Stylist: Irene Deneen Talent: Keilan Calhoun & Michelle S.
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