Floral Greens

New brand photography for Continental Floral Greens marketing and website

When your craft crosses categories, published work shows up in all sorts of places. And when you create an enduring brand, that published work becomes timeless. That was the mission for Continental Floral Greens, the largest provider of floral greens in the world. Together with the client and team at Hornall Anderson, I set out to capture the beauty of Mother Nature and CFG’s extraordinary floral experience, from farm to vase.

My approach to lifestyle photography is rooted in my belief that the full richness of a moment doesn’t come to you -- you have to go and get it. I dive in, observe, and adapt as it all unfolds. Shooting right through the heart of a scene, I strive for my work to put you there and pull you in, igniting connection to a vibrant slice of life.

You can view the live, award winning work here and read more about the brand project here .

Photography: David Estep Art Director: Katie Lee Agency: Hornall Anderson
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