ICY HOT Photography

Exciting photography for a new line of products by Icy Hot. Athletic bodies in motion showing muscles and joints in need of relief after exercise.

In partnership with Seattle agency, SidLee my team and I did this shoot for Sanofi–the parent company for the familiar brand Icy Hot. This new line of product is made for muscles and joints that’ve been pushed to their limits. The direction for the shoot was to capture bodies in motion. We hired 5 talent to shoot in various athletic moves giving the agency and client plenty of options to choose from. I'm sharing a collection of just some of the shots captured.

Photographer: David Estep Agency: SidLee Client: Icy Hot / Sanofi Package design: Jon Graeff Producer: Steve Kennevan Stylist: Irene Deneen Wardrobe: Kim Brooks Photo Assist: Anthony Ponce De Leon
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