Live without Limits

New Brand photography for Cutter and Buck. Lifestyle photography examples shot in the Pacific Northwest.

During a 2-day shoot last September, I had the pleasure of capturing Cutter and Buck's brand amidst the stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the region's rich history and natural beauty, I aimed to showcase the brand's spirit of adventure and creativity. Check out these select photos and join us in embracing outdoor exploration! #CutterAndBuck #PacificNorthwest #OutdoorAdventure #Photography #BrandAmbassadors

Client: Cutter and Buck Photographer: David Estep Hair and Makeup: Katya Gudaeva Wardrobe Stylist: Gretchen Matisse Photo Assistant: Anthony Ponce De Leon Talent Agency: SMG Models: Richard Lee, Mackenzie Altig, Ashley Novak, Mark Romain
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