Shiny Happy People

A promotional fashion campaign photoshoot for Seattle Model Management

This collaborative shoot was a true testament to the talent and dedication of everyone involved. With a shared vision in mind, we aimed to create a campaign look that was sleek and impactful. Using a predominantly clean white set and props, we allowed the clothing and talent to take center stage. A heartfelt thank you to each member of the team for their hard work and expertise in bringing this vision to fruition. Special recognition goes to Steve for his exceptional concepting and for assembling such an incredible crew. Let's keep the momentum going and do it again soon!

Photography: David Estep Photo Assistant: Brandon Sisino Produced, Cast & Directed by Steve Kennevan Color & Retouching: Jená Thompson Wardrobe & Styling: Anna Wong, Hair & Makeup: Melissa Korn Models: Chalayia, Jordan & Joshua of SMG Model Management
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