Timeless Beauty

A collaboration of creative talent came together to produce these timeless portraits inspired by Marlene Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg.

In a harmonious convergence of talent and creativity, this team of

stylists, producers and photographers united to breathe life into a

series of timeless portraits, drawing inspiration from the iconic duo

of Marlene Dietrich and Josef Von Sternberg. With meticulous attention

to detail and a shared vision for capturing the essence of timeless

elegance and sophistication, this collaborative effort transcended mere

photography to become an homage to the golden age of Hollywood

glamour. From the meticulous selection of wardrobe pieces to the artful

arrangement of lighting, every element was meticulously crafted to evoke

the spirit of a bygone era.The result? A collection of portraits that not

only pays homage to the past but also stands as a testament to the

enduring power of collaboration and creative synergy.

Directed and Produced by: Steven Kennevan Photography: David Estep Model: Caroline Zink Wardrobe and Styling: Minou White Hair and Makeup: Lauren Deschain Retouching: David Estep
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